Until the launch of Smash-It, the utility cost associated with disposal increased year-over-year, making a companies waste removal cost a necessary, and costly line item in their budget.  The only option to save money was to change haulers. This process is a time consuming hassle, and the savings only lasted 6 months or less.

Our founders saw an opportunity to create a truly unique product that would help companies save money on their open top bin hauling, while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. They realized that majority of every haul taken from an open top dumpster was primarily air. So, they developed and patented the mobile technology (Smash-It) to compact a containers contents between hauls. This process ensured that their customers were paying for 100% waste – and no air.  Clients quickly caught on that the more they smashed, the more they saved. 

The response to the mobile compaction unit was overwhelmingly positive, and our business grew to more than 100,000 smashes and counting. With five years in business, Smash-it is now a proven technology.


Smash-It Executives


Chris LaBarbera- C.E.O.

Chris A. LaBarbera, has more than 20 years of progressive financial experience as a cofounder, advisor and executive of multiple companies. Chris has been responsible for equity, debt and M&A efforts for a number of companies both public and private. His vast experience has expanded across multiple sectors including Finance, Technology, Waste and Recycling, Entertainment and Real Estate. Among his significant previous positions, Chris co-founded multiple start-up companies. Such companies included Stockhog.com, an online technology securities trading platform, where he served as CEO raising 1.5MM in seed capital funding. He also co-founded Info.net, an internet portal company, where he was instrumental in the completion of a successful merger yielding a 10x return to investors followed by a successful IPO exceeding a 750MM market cap. 




We want to make it easier, more efficient and more affordable for businesses to manage roll-top container waste management.  Our mobile Smash-It compaction trucks accomplish that goal by giving construction and manufacturing companies a smart, efficient, money-saving solution to:

  • Reduce spending (average of 20% - 40%)

  • Reduce # of hauls

  • Reduce risk of downtime

  • Reduce footprint (trash volume)

Smash-it makes it easy for commercial and manufacturing companies to increase their bottom line with no upfront investment or downtime.