How does Smash-It work?
Schedule a re-occurring smash or call us day-of, either way, our patented technology makes it possible to compact large quantities of bulky waste and recyclables. Smash-It compresses the materials in your open top bin quickly and efficiently (each smash takes 5 minutes). The constant rolling action of the heavy drum breaks and shred the materials providing maximum capacity for your container.

Is Smash-It a provider of bins?
No. At Smash-It we smash the trash. You will still need to coordinate an open top dumpster through your local provider.

Is Smash-It a hauler?
No. At Smash-It we smash the trash. Your local waste management provider is still a key part of the hauling process. Our service is a compliment to the hauling business.

Are there any long-term commitments?
No. You can schedule smashes based on your needs. If you need a one-time same day smash, we’re on it. If you want to schedule a recurring smash weeks in advance, that's fine too. There are no long-term contracts.  

How is the Smash-It equipment different from other equipment or services?
We’re unique in the fact that Smash-It is the only patented mobile compaction unit in the United States.

What times and days are Smash-It services available?
We are available when you need us Monday - Friday during regular business hours, starting at 8AM until the last smash. But, we are available on the weekends for those emergency, last-minute smashing needs.

What materials can I smash?
If it’s trash, we can smash. All non hazardous materials allowed in an open top container including crates, pallets & comparable wood products, mixed waste, recyclable materials, voluminous & bulky waste.

Does Smash-It provide a minimum guaranteed savings?
Yes. We make a commitment to our customers for an annual net savings of up to 30%

Are there bulk Smash discounts?
Yes, please contact us directly to discuss options and how we apply bulk discounts to our preferred smashers.

What are the charges per Smash?
Prices vary by market and volume, please contact us directly to discuss price structure.

Does size of bin matter for Smash-It services?
No. The only requirement we have is that it is an open top container. Our mobile compaction unit is adaptable to any size dumpster.

Do you provide Emergency Smashes if my bin overflows before a scheduled service?
Yes. We are available same-day to help with those unexpected needs.

Are there minimum clearance requirements for a Smash Service?
99% of the time, open top dumpsters are suitable for our smash service. However, on the rare occasion the dumpster isn’t standardized, we will work with you to come up with a solution.

What is the minimum number of Smashes recommended per bin?
In order to see the most financial and environmental impact we recommend a minimum of two smashes in-between hauls.