Mobile Waste Compaction
The Proven Solution To Reducing Waste Removal Costs

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Maximize your haul, minimize your spend

Want to save time and money on empty and returns? Smash-It is the solution.  Our process to save you money and reduce waste is simple.

Smash. Smash. Haul. 

Step 1: Smash. Fill Your open top and call / text / email us for a smash. Smash-It will arrive on-site to compact your waste.

Step 2: Smash. Fill your dumpster again. Contact us (again).

Step 3: Haul. You still have dumpster space available. Fill it to level and re-smash, or call to have your dumpster removed.

We’re not in the business to haul your trash, we’re here to Smash-It. And we are experts in the business. We all recognize that no customer is average - we customize based on your needs. Smash once, twice, or four times. Your local smasher will work with you to find the best fit for your needs.


Estimates are free. Cost depends on the material and frequency of smashing your open top dumpster.



Locations that previously had haulers coming out 2 - 3 times a week to empty and return their open tops, are saving ⅓ of their waste removal costs with Smash-It. They call, we show up within 24 hours and smash their waste. The dumpster stays on-site and companies can continue to fill them without ever missing a beat, and while saving money.


If you’ve got a construction permit - you’ve got an open top we can smash. Residential, Industrial, Commercial - we’re a partner to all. Whether it’s a scheduled service or on call, we come out and compress your open top container quickly and efficiently. Leaving the dumpster with more useable space to continue to fill without any downtime.


Haulers call us in a pinch too. When they are backlogged with empty and returns or swaps, they use us to alleviate client downtime. With Smash-It, haulers afford themselves some extra time to get out to your open top without any hiccups to your schedule. And, the call saves you money!

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Our Philosophy

Smash-it makes it easy for commercial and manufacturing companies to increase their bottom
line with no upfront investment or downtime.


Their compaction service has saved us nearly 40% of our annual waste hauling cost. I would highly recommend Smash-It to any business that uses large dumpsters for hauling waste. 

— Operations Manager, Cardinal Shower Enclosures